Ideas for Your Perfect Lakeside Wedding

Posted 9/1/2018

Picture your wedding along the banks of Lake Minnetonka!

Summer Wedding Decor Trends for 2018

Posted 6/1/2018

There's no denying that summer wedding planning is in full swing. If you're planning to wed this summer and are finalizing decor choices, do not overlook these hot trends that will have everyone talking about how impressive your wedding was.

Spring Activities at Lafayette Club

Posted 4/1/2018

Winter is long gone, the warmer season is in full swing, and things are starting to heat up at the Lafayette Club. Springtime always invites plenty of activities on the beautiful shores of Lake Minnetonka. Take a look at a list of upcoming fun at the Lafayette Club!

Five Unique Ideas for Winter Weddings

Posted 11/1/2017

'Tis the Season for Winter Weddings! Winter is the rarest season for weddings. This means that if you’re planning a winter wedding, you will have less competition for dates, save money on services, and you can make the wedding unique if you’re willing to stretch your creativity.

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