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Ideas for Your Perfect Lakeside Wedding
Picture your wedding along the banks of Lake Minnetonka!

Ideas for Your Perfect Lakeside Wedding

A wedding along the shore of a Minnesota lake is a certain kind of special.

These nuptial events are romantic, like an oceanside wedding, yet cozy and peaceful. Minnesota’s lakes have so much to offer! They’re a beautiful choice for your big day and easy to plan an entire wedding around. Check out a few lakeside-inspired wedding decor ideas:

Play Off of the Lake's Natural Colors

Many lakeside weddings feature deep greens, whites and muted colors, echoing those found outside. Play with green table decorations or a deep green wedding bouquet of native flowers. Sub in greenery as decor instead of colored flowers. Lush colors like these are a natural complement to a beautiful lake setting.

Get Inspired by Lake Activities

The nautical wedding, all navy blues and whites, anchors and sailboats, is an ultra-trendy way to do this. Or, you can go a more rustic route, with canoes and paddles, to bring a more adventurous feel to your lake wedding.

Canoes can act as vessels to serve food or drinks. Paddles can be painted into pretty directional signage or accent pieces, or signed in lieu of a guest book. Since a paddle always needs a pair, the sight of two can be instantly romantic, reminiscent of the perfect couple being celebrated.

Pick the Perfect Lighting

Hanging lanterns and string lights are uber-rustic and attractive without trying too hard. Line a dock with some simple paper lanterns for pretty nighttime mid-reception photos. Or, create your own lanterns using leftover mason jars or empty wine bottles.

.A lake can be one of the most romantic settings for your big day. Lake Minnetonka is no different – it's one of the state’s most famous, beautiful and accessible lakeside locations.

Our premier wedding venue, The Lafayette Club, sits right along the scenic shoreline. Contact us today and start planning your dream day!

Lafayette Club is your headquarters for all things wedding and, best of all, you don’t have to be a member! Our expert staff will help you coordinate the entire day, from the room and decor to custom cuisine and overnight accommodations.  Let us help you host the most memorable of occasions!

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