Lafayette Club on the Lake


Thank you for your interest in Lafayette Club Membership.

Invest in your lifestyle today! Lafayette Club offers affordability with many inclusive amenities your entire family can enjoy together without paying separate fees.  If you haven't visited Lafayette Club lately, we invite you to schedule your personal tour by contacting Carrie at or 952-471-6414.  We look forward to meeting you!

Located just west of the Twin Cities on the shores of Lake Minnetonka, Lafayette is a private, member-owned country club, run by and for its members. The Club offers a multitude of year-round recreational activities, premier dining, banquet experiences, and overnight accommodations with incomparable service provided by a friendly, professional staff. A limited number of memberships are available each year, and are open to all persons without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, or gender.

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What our members are saying when asked, "why did you join Lafayette"?

"To enjoy all the activities; golf, tennis, and the indoor pool.  It was an easy decision because of the location and the social benefits for our small children and us!"

"So many of our friends belong, the location, affordability, the workout facility and  an indoor pool.  Need I say more?"

"Perfect set of services and amenities for our family with a great location and value."

"There were many things including: 1) Nice golf course, indoor pool, and work out facilities.  2.)Access to the Club by boat.  3.)Family friendly 4.) Excellent food, we have not been disappointed in our choice.  The Club is well run in all departments."

"It's a beautiful facility close to our home.  We use it for dinners, special events, swimming, classes and the gym.  The staff is great!"

"Because of the family-friendly, comfortable atmosphere, the yummy food, the extensive family programs and the beautiful surroundings."

"Very easy, quiet and calm dining experiences, great kids programs, love to play golf and with 9 holes, you don't have to committ your entire day."

"Great location, playable course, just right length for 2 hours passtime, dining, boating access/docking, guest rooms, entertainment facilities, just perfect!"

"Beautiful locations, great gym, perfect golf course for my wife and I.  We are hoping to make more friends socially as well."

"Great place for kids to make new friends, try new experiences and hang out.  Plus there is a perfect workout room."

"Beautiful location and friendly staff."